In the premiere episode of Prank Science, we turn the world into our laboratory, and experiment with the people in it! Enter our test subject, Matthew. His career as an infomercial host takes a turn for the worse on his very first day on the job! Matthew discovers that the miracle health shake he’s endorsing causes a dangerous parasite to grow inside anyone who drinks it (too bad we forgot to tell him untilafter he had a drink).

Also, we use waterproof sand to cheat our way to a win in a sandcastle-building competition, while our Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews becomes the guinea pig for an experiment that uses a gas-powered scooter to rip the hair from his legs. Finally, Sarah’s job as a maintenance worker goes horribly wrong when she accidentally sets her boss on fire. (Don’t worry, it’s actually a stuntman covered in a special fire-retardant gel. Don’t try this at home!)


On this episode of Prank Science we find new ways to experiment with our test subjects in the name of science. Aspiring actor Mike thinks he’s caught a lucky break when he’s cast as a drug addict in a new police training video. But he’s in for the surprise of his life after a piece of poppy seed cake he eats triggers a false positive on a drug test — and a harsh smack down from a threatening police officer. Our hidden camera crew sets up at a restaurant patio to explore the idea of mob mentality. Will our test subjects follow the herd when everyone in the mob suddenly ducks for cover from an unseen menace?

We shoot our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews down a homemade slip and slide to test the theory of kinetic friction. And we finish things up by looking at the science of lying. When test subjects Sarah and Erin are hired as production assistants on a new science chat show, they’re quickly mistaken for a world-renown psychologist and put live on the air. Will they lie and pretend to be the real interviewee? Or will they come clean and tell the truth? We’re not going to lie — this episode rocks!


To pull off the craziest hidden camera pranks conceived, we experiment with our unknowing test subjects to see how far we can take science. Kevin and Sydney volunteer to be part of a stress test; but what they don’t know is that we’re using the concept of the infamous Stanley Milgram obedience experiments to see how much abuse people will put up with from an authority figure. (Believe us, it’s a lot!).

Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews uses his head as a battering ram as he tests the strength of different types of glass. And, our hidden camera crew heads to a mall to examine the theory of “change blindness.” The goal? To see how observant people are when we make major changes to their environment while they focus on a specific task — you’ll be shocked by the results.

Test subject Greg closes the show as he’s made to believe that he’s become part of a plot to overthrow the corporate world — with a bomb made from non-dairy creamer. Get ready for an explosive reaction!


Our unsuspecting test subjects find themselves pranked — by liquids! While co-hosting a fake TV show about scary buildings, we convince aspiring journalist Bianca that a pool of extraterrestrial black goo that she encounters is not only alive, but also communicating with her! What she doesn’t know is that the mystery liquid is actually a Ferrofluid reacting to a stack of magnets. We then hammer home a lesson in non-Newtonian fluids — which act as both a liquid and a solid — by helping an elderly woman win a strength competition against three young men.

Later, our Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews discovers the unique properties of water by using a very unorthodox method — repeatedly getting hit in the face with water balloons. And things don’t go quite according to plan for our test subject, Andrew when the water-based hydraulophone instrument he’s asked to play at a fancy art gallery opening malfunctions, soaking a priceless piece of art.



On this episode of Prank Science, we unleash our mad hidden-camera science on a whole whack of unsuspecting test subjects. Wanna-be TV host, Mitch ends up at a remote off-the-grid house to interview an eco-maniac and his very pregnant wife. The wife goes into labour, and the emergency phone has only one source of electricity… a stationary bike! Can Mitch save the day with pedal power or will we have to deliver the baby himself?

Later, Our Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews gets his mind blown (literally) when we use his face as target practice for our super-powerful air cannon. Another test subject signs up for an experiment about how plants respond to music. It turns out they respond by shooting poisonous spores in your face! And finally, we use some very tricky chemistry to convince our test subject Jay that he can melt spoons (and maybe even take over the world) with the power of his mind! It’s a titanic telekinesis takedown!



On this episode of Prank Science, we unleash our biggest and most hilarious science-based pranks yet. Former cheerleader Sasha, assists a seismologist on a series of controlled underground explosions. But she’s led to believe it’s caused a dangerous gas leak when she is quarantined by a HazMat team.

Later, Test Subject Angela is convinced that she’s destroyed a priceless piece of hockey history while shooting a documentary on cryogenic tempering. We give our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews a painful lesson in viscosity by dropping him belly-first into vats of water and mystery goo. Finally, our Test Subject Tim faces the wrath of the underground grease trade while hosting an eco-friendly show about waste vegetable oil.


More pranks coming your way including… Aspiring reporter Tanya thinks she’s being sent to cover a world record attempt at a golf course. But what she doesn’t know is that the golf cart that she’ll be driving as part of the fake story is actually being controlled by Brendan’s smart phone. And, he’s about to cause a calamitous accident.

We explore Bernoulli’s Principle in another instalment of Cheating with Science, when our Test Subject squares off against Brendan in a race to see who’s better at keeping a ping pong ball floating above a hair dryer. Our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews learns about the Scoville Scale — the measurement of spicy heat — the hard way, by ingesting the world’s hottest chilli pepper. And finally, we convince tone-deaf Test Subject Sarah that she’s actually a whiz on the Theremin. Then we ask her to assume the role of a world-famous player to help out a panicked producer.



We give Test Subject Aaron a close encounter of the worst kind after he’s sent to investigate reports of strange sounds and lights coming from an abandoned warehouse. But surely he won’t believe that a UFO has landed and that there’s an alien on the loose, right? Wrong.

The rest of the show is all about chemistry. Test Subject Tanya thinks she’s been hired to help out on a beer commercial shoot at a backyard swimming pool. But how will she react when we convince her that she’s caused a dangerous chemical spill. Our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews gets up close and personal with a Mentos and Diet Cola geyser when he’s hoisted above a bottle and shot in the face… repeatedly. And finally, test subject Nicole is hired to co-host a science webcast for a camera-shy chemistry professor, but how will she react when he accuses her of setting off a dangerous looking chemical reaction that ruins his life’s work?


Test Subject Darien is in for a big shock on the set of a music video she’s been hired to work on. Will she accept responsibility after a miscommunication leads to a powerful arc blast (actually just some clever stunt work and special effects) that seriously injures someone on the crew? Or will she put up some ‘resistance’ (we can’t resist at good electricity pun)?

Next, we delve into the crazy science of Krazy Glue. An elderly lady accuses Test Subject Shayan of krazy-gluing her motorized mobility scooter upside down on the scaffolding of a concert stage. Our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews finds himself up close and personal with an exploding watermelon as Brendan and Morgan play around with the fuse time on dry ice bombs. And finally, Test Subject Angie finds herself implicated in a computer hacking scheme after we cause her to record a false positive on a polygraph test. She may not be lying, by we sure are!


Test Subject Kisha becomes an unwitting accomplice in a shady CEO’s embezzlement scheme when she sees his illegal behaviour through a malfunctioning panel of electrified smart glass. How will she respond when an angry federal agent threatens to send her to jail for aiding and abetting a wanted criminal?

Then, test subject Adam gets exposed to noxious fumes when a new (and totally bogus) entertainment technology that he’s testing out called “3D Plus,” goes haywire. Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews learns that potatoes aren’t just for eating any more when he finds himself on the receiving end of high speed spuds launched from Brendan’s homemade slingshot and pneumatic air cannon. Finally, we introduce “Brain-Computer Interface,” an emerging technology that detects and transmits signals from the brain to a computer. We convince a Test Subject that she’s using the technology to control a surly robot named Steve to go rogue and destroy a computer lab.


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