26 Feb

I’ve been chosen as one of the performers in this years Sudbury Comedy Festival! I’m pretty excited about being apart of the festival. It’s my first real festival where they’re going to pay me to go there and perform and pay me to stay the night and hang out. Very cool. The headliners for the festival are Legends.The first headliner is Rick Mercer a staple in Canadian showbiz. I remember watching Rick Mercer in my grade 11 history class where he went around talking to Americans about Canada. The fact that I watched it in my History class has no bearing on the story or any symbolic meaning either; I’m not trying to say that when I was in grade 11 Rick Mercer was history, I’m not saying that.

Anyways. The second headliners are Cheech and Chong who are definitely part of History. Needless to say, I think this is going to be pretty fun festival. Come check it out. More info at: