21 Nov

I recently went to the CLEVELAND COMEDY FESTIVAL to perform some of my brand of stand up comedy. I had a great time there checking out the city; going from the nice theatre district to the abandoned residential homes in the area just 10 blocks down the way. It really was a nice city. Little known fact Cleveland is America’s 45th largest city. I don’t know why you’d want to know that but now you do.

I also had a great time in the Festival meeting all the Cleveland comedians and others just from the Americas; a lot of great Chicago people. I entered the competition  not knowing if I’d even get picked for the spot, but thankfully I did. I was chosen as one of the 36 comedians to fight for the tittle of champion of the fest. And I’m really happy to announce that the tittle is crossing the boarder. I’ve alway thought it would be hilarious to have one of those “big cheques” I mean it’s not something I ever actively seek’d out to get but when they handed me the humungous cheque I naturally asked if I could get it and they said “Yes of coarse”. Large cheque. Mission Accomplised. Here’s a picture with me and the cheque: