13 Nov

I’m going to be heading out to Cleveland this week to be apart of the Cleveland Comedy Festival. I’ve never seen what the inside of Cleveland looks like so that’s going to be one thing that I do. The other thing I do is hopefully leave my name somewhere in the town so that I’ll always be remembered. I currently have two shows while I’m there:

Thursday November 15th at Kennedy’s Theatre (7:30PM)
Thursday November 15th at Kennedy’s Theatre (10:00PM)

I’ll see you next week Toronto. I’m going to treat Cleveland like Hollywood and look up all these famous Cleveland born celebrities during my stay: Wes Craven, Drew Carrey, Steve Harvey, Arsenio Hall, Phil Donahue, and Billy Bass. Phew all those celebs who’s going to have time for the festival. MORE INFO HERE:

(*Poster designed by Eric Andrews*)