I’m Going To The World Series!

1 Sep

The World Series of Comedy that is. I’ve been chosen as one of 101 comics. I like to think that they added the one because of me, but I really don’t think so.

On September 19th I’ll be headed to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the first time ever, by myself to battle it out against all these other comedians from all over the United States. We’ve got people from Chicago, we’ve got people from Boston, we’ve got people from Atlanta, We’ve got people from all over the states for real. There are also some fellow Canadians going to be going there as well. My old roommate Mark DeBonis will be going down to compete. A guy I’ve been in competition with before and he kicked my butt. As well as the very talented and mother of two Martha O’neill will be in the city that never sleeps to take down some Yankees. All in all I think it’s going to be a blast. I’m going to get to see the city and perform comedy. Soooooo excited, so excited.

Mark DeBonis’s Website: www.iamnotmarkdebonis.com
Martha O’Neill’s Website: www.marthaoneill.com

With Ryan Short – Facebook@RyantheShort

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