27 Aug
I’ve been chosen to perform in the Rising Stars Competition for the Brantford Comedy Festival. I went for my preliminary round and It went great I made it through to the finals despite what I thought was going to be quite the hard show to perform for. I’ll set the scene. It’s a 8:00PM show start we draw numbers out of a hat to decide the order. I draw #2 which I was a little bummed about, but later decided it was a great spot to go up and here’s why. The stage was a flat bed truck parked in the parking lot behind an Italian restaurant. You couldn’t see what we were standing on, but it was a flatbed. We were performing for all the people sitting on the patio eating and three judges. I went up second which was great cause the sun was still out so everyone could see me pretty well. It was a tough crowd to break but it definitely got harder as the night went on because of the continually more drunk owner and chef of the bar heckling all the comedians. I sometimes wish it were possible to have some sort of documentary crew following me with some of the crazy things that happen at shows and after show. It would be some pretty good TV in my opinion. BUT I made it to the finals and we’ll see who’s the best rising star.

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