JFL42 (Just For Laugh) For Me

22 Aug


I have an opportunity to be apart of this years Just For Laughs Festival in Toronto. I’m apart of a group of roughly 10 other comedians who are trying to get votes on this website: http://www.toronto.com/jfl42 I think how it works is the top 5 people will get picked to do a show and then from there 1 person will get to share the stage with the likes of Louis CK and couple others around the same calibre as him. Pretty cool, no?

I’d like to be apart of this for two reason. Reason 1: Louis CK. Reason 2: I’m pretty certain the shows going to be in a huge theatre and I think it’s at the Sony Centre in Toronto. I used to work at the Sony Centre and they shorted me money. So I left and as I was leaving I told myself “They’ll see one day I’ll be performing here, that’ll show them.”

So help me complete my revenge. Vote. Thanks so much.

Eric Andrews

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