5 Feb

I used to not really mind when people would heckle I would just kind of role with the punches and go with it. That being said, yesterday made me realize why people and now me don’t like hecklers. It’s all about when they heckle. If they had the whereabouts to heckle when appropriate I’d personally would be fine with it. I think if majority of the audience generally isn’t laughing at what you’re saying (you’re bombing) then they have the right to heckle. The strongest minded individual should take it upon himself to say something for the whole audiences sake. But there are still some rules I think you should follow even still.

Heckler Tips:

  1. Don’t heckle during the set up or punch line.
    (The joke might be funnier then you so let’s ride it out and see if it is) 
  2. Heckle Response
    (Think of what the comedian might say back to your heckle so you can have a rebuttal)
  3. Honesty
    (If the comedian asks you a question answer truthfully. Your real life is funnier then you think)
  4. Accept Defeat
    (If the comedian deals with you and gets a huge laugh at your misfortune gracefully bow out and admire the rest of the show)

That’s all I can think of to make you a better heckler right now. If anyone thinks there are more ways to help the art of heckling progress please put your input.

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