High Speed Potatoes Hitting On Me

21 Nov
Test Subject Kisha becomes an unwitting accomplice in a shady CEO’s embezzlement scheme when she sees his illegal behaviour through a malfunctioning panel of electrified smart glass. How will she respond when an angry federal agent threatens to send her to jail for aiding and abetting a wanted criminal?
Then, test subject Adam gets exposed to noxious fumes when a new (and totally bogus) entertainment technology that he’s testing out called “3D Plus,” goes haywire. Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews learns that potatoes aren’t just for eating any more when he finds himself on the receiving end of high speed spuds launched from Brendan’s homemade slingshot and pneumatic air cannon. Finally, we introduce “Brain-Computer Interface,” an emerging technology that detects and transmits signals from the brain to a computer. We convince a Test Subject that she’s using the technology to control a surly robot named Steve to go rogue and destroy a computer lab.

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