Canada’s Next Top Comic Finals

16 Nov

It was a whirlwind competitionstarting with a video submissions in the round one, a quick 5 minute set in round two, XM representatives narrowed it down to 5 comics from each city and the online votes began for round three. Round four was a star studded night with some talented judges on the panel watching our every move and critiquing for who would become “Canada’s Next Top Comic.”

I was lucky enough to have been there for every stage of this contest that stretched on for almost two and a half months and even luckier to be declared the winner. I’ve probably said this a million time by now but it really keeps coming back and making think of all the things I’ve got to do this year in comedy. “I’ve had a great year” I started the year with getting into the laugh off and making it to the Top 8 Comics, just wow. Getting my first television show as a series regular “Prank Science” on Discovery Channel. Getting signed with Yuk Yuk’s something I’ve wanted to do since I’ve started. Winning a Canadian Comedy Award for “Best Stand Up Newcomer.” And now being crowned SiriusXM’s Canada’s next top comic. I never dreamt of achieving any of these goals starting out as a young comic, I just wanted to be funny and respected.

Here’s an article about the final show:

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