Blowing Up My Juicy Brain.

14 Nov
Test Subject Darien is in for a big shock on the set of a music video she’s been hired to work on. Will she accept responsibility after a miscommunication leads to a powerful arc blast (actually just some clever stunt work and special effects) that seriously injures someone on the crew? Or will she put up some ‘resistance’ (we can’t resist at good electricity pun)?
Next, we delve into the crazy science of Krazy Glue. An elderly lady accuses Test Subject Shayan of krazy-gluing her motorized mobility scooter upside down on the scaffolding of a concert stage. Our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews finds himself up close and personal with an exploding watermelon as Brendan and Morgan play around with the fuse time on dry ice bombs. And finally, Test Subject Angie finds herself implicated in a computer hacking scheme after we cause her to record a false positive on a polygraph test. She may not be lying, by we sure are!

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