This One Brings Up Bad Memories

31 Oct


More pranks coming your way including… Aspiring reporter Tanya thinks she’s being sent to cover a world record attempt at a golf course. But what she doesn’t know is that the golf cart that she’ll be driving as part of the fake story is actually being controlled by Brendan’s smart phone. And, he’s about to cause a calamitous accident.

We explore Bernoulli’s Principle in another instalment of Cheating with Science, when our Test Subject squares off against Brendan in a race to see who’s better at keeping a ping pong ball floating above a hair dryer. Our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews learns about the Scoville Scale — the measurement of spicy heat — the hard way, by ingesting the world’s hottest chilli pepper. And finally, we convince tone-deaf Test Subject Sarah that she’s actually a whiz on the Theremin. Then we ask her to assume the role of a world-famous player to help out a panicked producer.

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