Acceptance Speech (Should of said)

19 Oct

I was at the Canadian Comedy Awards recently. I was nominated for “Best Stand Up Newcomer” and I honestly thought I had no chance at winning so I didn’t think to prepare a speech at all. Fortunately/Unfortunately I won, and my words weren’t the best. I managed to mumble out that I “Wanted to thank people but I wouldn’t name who they were, cause they know who they are.” How bad is that. My mind was mush up there; I couldn’t think. My voice was trembling. It was bad. All night I just kept thinking about that darn speech and what I really wanted to say. So here is the redux of my acceptance speech:

“Oh wow. I really didn’t expect this at all; it’s honestly a total shock. I want to thank so many people. There’s been handfuls and handfuls of people who have supported me in my short career so far. They’ve made me feel like a superstar already. So thank them. I want to thank everyone here tonight, especially all the other nominees for this award we have so much more road ahead of us it’s exciting. It’s exciting just to be here. I of coarse want to thank my show booker, tour manager, and girlfriend Stephanie for always making me feel funny and pushing me to be funnier when I’m not being funny. And my Mom for never doubting in me; never. Driving me from Hamilton to Toronto in 40 minutes just so I can do two shows in a night. Thank you. Thank you everyone.”

I wish somehow I could have spat that out when I was up there. But it didn’t happen that way. It was a great experience. I know it’s not a funny speech, which a lot of those improvisors man can they make great speeches, but funny’s what got me there and I just want to say something a little more real.

One Response to “Acceptance Speech (Should of said)”

  1. Marilla Wex October 19, 2011 at 11:50 AM #

    Hello mate

    Just wanted to say really well done on your award – you bloody deserve it! Hope you didn’t break yours yet like Nikki did…

    Hope to see you soon.

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