This Episode Blows (Definitely a Pun)

17 Oct

On this episode of Prank Science, we unleash our mad hidden-camera science on a whole whack of unsuspecting test subjects. Wanna-be TV host, Mitch ends up at a remote off-the-grid house to interview an eco-maniac and his very pregnant wife. The wife goes into labour, and the emergency phone has only one source of electricity… a stationary bike! Can Mitch save the day with pedal power or will we have to deliver the baby himself?

Later, Our Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews gets his mind blown (literally) when we use his face as target practice for our super-powerful air cannon. Another test subject signs up for an experiment about how plants respond to music. It turns out they respond by shooting poisonous spores in your face! And finally, we use some very tricky chemistry to convince our test subject Jay that he can melt spoons (and maybe even take over the world) with the power of his mind! It’s a titanic telekinesis takedown!

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