Science Fact: Balloons burst when they hit you face

10 Oct

Our unsuspecting test subjects find themselves pranked — by liquids! While co-hosting a fake TV show about scary buildings, we convince aspiring journalist Bianca that a pool of extraterrestrial black goo that she encounters is not only alive, but also communicating with her! What she doesn’t know is that the mystery liquid is actually a Ferrofluid reacting to a stack of magnets. We then hammer home a lesson in non-Newtonian fluids — which act as both a liquid and a solid — by helping an elderly woman win a strength competition against three young men.

Later, our Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews discovers the unique properties of water by using a very unorthodox method — repeatedly getting hit in the face with water balloons. And things don’t go quite according to plan for our test subject, Andrew when the water-based hydraulophone instrument he’s asked to play at a fancy art gallery opening malfunctions, soaking a priceless piece of art.

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