Tour Stories

9 Oct

Yuk Yuk’s Niagara
(Funny at the Falls)

September 29th – October 1st
2011 (4 Shows)

I was definitely excited to come to Niagara Falls to do some comedy. To me it’s like performing in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Yuk Yuk’s is located right inside the Casino. All these lights are going off, there’s an abundance of beeps and bloops and then you walk into the great hall that is Yuk Yuks. It’s a massive room that hold about the same amount of people as the Yuk’s Downtown club but Twice the size. The stage is like three times the size of any other stage I’ve been on.

My first night there I made sure I got there early to gauge what I was getting into there’s also a lot of rules with having the comedy club in a casino apparently so I made myself familiar with a couple of them, like I wasn’t allowed to have more then one drink at the club. Not that that’s a big problem for me I just remembered that one.

Jeff Elliot took the place of Jean Paul who was supposed to host the night which was good because at least I know Jeff. I still always feel like I have to prove myself to the comedians I don’t know. It’s something I’m quickly getting rid of at the Yuks Clubs. But now I have it more at open mics. I’m not saying I’ve had a great deal of success in my career but in my head I have a thought that people now expect something of me and that scares me every time. The night went well there were still a very chatty group though pretty drunk and wanting to talk, who could blame them though there’s a party happening out of the doors at Yuk Yuks.

Friday was okay, still a lot of people talking throughout the show. It just feels like a big divide between the performer and the crowd. No one sat in the front row all weekend so there is just a giant mote of nothing. It’s like performing for no one if they’re not laughing. Which brings me to Saturday early show. I haven’t had that much silence in a long time. Every joke I said didn’t hit with them. They were getting offended by some of the things I say. I didn’t know what to do so I just told them how I felt and I think I made them feel bad about themselves, especially because there were 3 guys in the front row talking with a bucket of beers. They were just hammered. My next 3 jokes got laughs and I got out of there.

{The audience wants a show with a confidant performer. I need to pause a lot less in the next show and take them for a ride.}


{Just take my time, and have them go on the journey that I’m going through on stage}

we’ll see what happens. but I’m alone in a hotel room all day and I’m bored; I’m clutching at straws here. Overall had a good weekend in the Falls with Gord Panyter and Jean Paul.

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