Today, I Become A Man

3 Oct

To pull off the craziest hidden camera pranks conceived, we experiment with our unknowing test subjects to see how far we can take science. Kevin and Sydney volunteer to be part of a stress test; but what they don’t know is that we’re using the concept of the infamous Stanley Milgram obedience experiments to see how much abuse people will put up with from an authority figure. (Believe us, it’s a lot!).

Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews uses his head as a battering ram as he tests the strength of different types of glass. And, our hidden camera crew heads to a mall to examine the theory of “change blindness.” The goal? To see how observant people are when we make major changes to their environment while they focus on a specific task — you’ll be shocked by the results.

Test subject Greg closes the show as he’s made to believe that he’s become part of a plot to overthrow the corporate world — with a bomb made from non-dairy creamer. Get ready for an explosive reaction!

Watch the Clip:

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