How About A Giant Slip and Slide?

26 Sep

On this episode of Prank Science we find new ways to experiment with our test subjects in the name of science. Aspiring actor Mike thinks he’s caught a lucky break when he’s cast as a drug addict in a new police training video. But he’s in for the surprise of his life after a piece of poppy seed cake he eats triggers a false positive on a drug test — and a harsh smack down from a threatening police officer. Our hidden camera crew sets up at a restaurant patio to explore the idea of mob mentality. Will our test subjects follow the herd when everyone in the mob suddenly ducks for cover from an unseen menace?

We shoot our Crash Test Scientist Eric Andrews down a homemade slip and slide to test the theory of kinetic friction. And we finish things up by looking at the science of lying. When test subjects Sarah and Erin are hired as production assistants on a new science chat show, they’re quickly mistaken for a world-renown psychologist and put live on the air. Will they lie and pretend to be the real interviewee? Or will they come clean and tell the truth? We’re not going to lie — this episode rocks!

Watch Clip:


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