Funniest Newcomers of All Time, of this year.

20 Sep


This year five Canadian based stand up comedians have been nominated for “Best Stand Up Comedy Newcomers”  by the Candian Comedy Awards. Over Hundreds and hundreds of people applied this year in what has been said to be a record year for submissions. So It’s a pretty big deal. Naturally we’re putting on a show to celebrate. Starring the five newcomers as well as hosted by “2005 Best Newcomer Winner” and 2011 “Best Male Stand Up Nominee”, Mark Forward! He is also my favourite comic, like ever. Just always love being on a show with this guy anywhere. The backstage jokes are almost more fun then the ones we bring to stage.

On the show we have:
Eric Andrews
Rhiannon Archer
Matt Carter
DJ Demers
and Dylan Gott

I’m writing this message after the fact that this show has happened and let me tell you something. You all missed out. But don’t worry you can come see us sometime in October when we do it for real and all the marbles and three times as much money to get in. Good Luck to all the other nominees.

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