Television Debut

19 Sep

Prank Science: EPISODE 1

In the premiere episode of Prank Science, we turn the world into our laboratory, and experiment with the people in it! Enter our test subject, Matthew. His career as an infomercial host takes a turn for the worse on his very first day on the job! Matthew discovers that the miracle health shake he’s endorsing causes a dangerous parasite to grow inside anyone who drinks it (too bad we forgot to tell him untilafter he had a drink).

Also, we use waterproof sand to cheat our way to a win in a sandcastle-building competition, while our Crash Test Scientist, Eric Andrews becomes the guinea pig for an experiment that uses a gas-powered scooter to rip the hair from his legs. Finally, Sarah’s job as a maintenance worker goes horribly wrong when she accidentally sets her boss on fire. (Don’t worry, it’s actually a stuntman covered in a special fire-retardant gel. Don’t try this at home!)

Watch The Clip:


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