Tour Stories

17 Sep

(my first weekend spot)

September 15th – 17th, 2011 (3 Shows)

I finally got my first weekend spot at a club. I’ve always wanted to do a weekend at a club because for me I felt like I would grow faster and learn more about my jokes if I were to do three or four shows consecutively at the same place.  You would have a different audience every night and you could evolve you jokes by the end of the weekend, hopefully.

The first thing I was worried about was how well I did at Yuk Yuk’s Ajax before; it was the first and last time I went up there. I was really hoping the owner Steve would have just forgotten me completely. Let’s just say my first time there I wasn’t a Yuks signed comedian and… it was a full crowd and… well they were very quite during my set. The second thing I was worried about was the other comics on the show. How would they think of me? Some small cat just chomping at the bit? It’s something that I’m getting rid of slowly; the fear of what people think of you.

The first night went really well. Everyone’s set hit, people were coming up to the comedians after the show saying how great it was. I even had a guy come up to me and say “We were looking for the Toronto Yuk Yuk’s, we got lost ended up here and you made the trip, thank you.” Biggest compliment I’ve gotten in comedy so far I think. He also posted on twitter:  “I take it back. Stand up comics r in the craziest circumstance ever for a performer. This one no name cat just killed it so hard #blownaway.”  The night was great.

Second night was almost the opposite of the first night, in that my set was generating stares. I do some flirting with elderly women sometimes and I was going at this one woman who was with her husband saying “You’re lucky to have him, but I’m going to take him from you now.” No one laughed; it got pretty silent and she clutched her husbands hand as if she was afraid. She was scared that I was going to kidnap her or something, which isn’t the sentiment of the joke. The sentiment is that she’s worth loving cause she has a husband. Overall the night was okay had a couple people come up to me saying “You’re funny, keep it up.” which is kind of a back handed compliment in my eyes and to top it all off the silence in the room must of re jogged the owner Steve’s memory cause he came up to me after and said “Now I remember who you are, you were here once before, right?”

The third night was fine. It was like a mix of both night put into one. And my uncle was there heard him say “That’s my nephew after I got off stage, made me feel pretty good.

Overall I had a good time doing the weekend had some great chats from Chuck Byrn who was giving me some advice about jokes and reminding me that “I’m terrible” kind of made me feel better with myself; I needed that.

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